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"Go On and Strike a Match, Go Start Anew..."

I have not done Yuletide in a while and I am really excited for it. So here's the deal!

At this point, pretty much anything will make me happy, especially if you're here re: Twin Peaks, because, seriously, there is no fic for this fandom as far as I can tell, and Harry/Dale is pretty much the best thing in the world.

Westmark: I like my Zaras angry and my Florians pragmatic. Mmm, pragmatism.

Arthurian: I am open to just about any interpretation here. I would love if it there were some mention of the fact that Sagramore and Mordred are going steady, and some kind of complicated ~feeling~ from Lance on that part while Sagramore was totally casual about it, but that's optional. If you do include Mordred, please please don't make him cardboard evil.

In general, since all of these are pairings: I am pretty much fine with any level of explicit that you want to go to, although maybe a touch less so with Twin Peaks because Dale is so asexual. I love world-building, and I am a sucker for dialogue. But mostly, I am just thrilled to be doing Yuletide again, so :D.
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