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"Tell Them I'm Alone..."

By the way, in preparation for Anti-OTP weekend, which begins to-night, here is my list of links: In Which We Attempt to be Organised. So most of the posts have already been made, except those included in the comment. ^__________^ Look how organised!

Also, I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I had another visit with Christine-the-therapist. Apparently I've got a cognitive disorder, which essentially means that, in a given situation, say-- [thing does not go right].
Normal person: Better luck next time OR I suck.
Soujin: OMG I am the worst person in the whole world and not only do I fail at that, I fail at everything. ;_____________________; Also I am fat. Please someone take me out and shoot me right now.

[person does not want to be friends]
Normal person: Jerk. > > OR That sucks a lot. ;_______;
Soujin: It's because I'm a horrible person, isn't it? ;____; It's because I'm stupid and ugly and did we mention fat, and, oh, if someone killed me now I wouldn't mind at all, this is so bad, I will not be able to function in real life.

Or, in other words, I overreact mentally. So now I am to keep a diary marking when I notice myself overreacting, so that I can correct myself.

Now I am going to go have breakfast, as I imagine this would be a very useful behaviour for aiding such problems. Meh. ^__^ Library this afternoon...! <33333333333 Yes.

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