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Amo Te, Amo Te

(sed esse aut non esse)

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26 May
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I am a box of buttons and a purple haze and a song by deb talan and a palmful of stars, and a cookie with sprinkles and a girl with dark hair and a student of people and a student of religion; I like to kiss girls and boys and people who are beautiful and I think everyone is beautiful.

When I'm not busy, I like to pet sheep, and when I'm sleeping, I usually dream. When I'm late I'm running, and when I'm not running I ride a bike.

If you add me as a friend and want to be added back, please let me know! If I don't add you back, it's probably because I haven't noticed that you added me in the first place.

* PEREDUR -|---- Arthurian Blog Crew *
1482, adirondacks, adrien brody's noseprint, alfred hitchcock, arsenic and old lace, art of poetry, arthurian legend, baking, beautiful eyes, being a silhouette, black and white pictures, bracelets, bridges across creeks, buddy holly, buttons, candlelight service, candles, captain nemo, cary grant, celestial sphere, christianity, compass roses, cotton button-up shirts, curly hair, danish, denmark, dostoevsky, earrings that glitter, edna st vincent millay, ella fitzgerald, emo princes, england, english, epiphanies, epiphany, even numbers, fencing, finian's rainbow, france, fred astaire, fresh tomatoes, friendly hostility, get fuzzy, glitter, hamlet, hearts with tails, herman melville, iceland, inner beauty, irish accents, james taylor, jekyll and hyde, jules verne, keys, kittyfur, kleinur, knots, la boheme, lambs, latin, latin christmas carols, latin love letters, laughing very very hard, league of extraordinary gentlemen, libraries, long lengths of ribbon, love knots, love thee, marvel comics, marzipan stars, midnight masses, mint chocolate, moby-dick, mordred, muses, mystery novels, new recipes, not dark yet, notre-dame de paris, ogden nash, old book smells, old movies, old saturday morning shows, opera, paper parasols, pere lachaise, peter lorre, philosophy, picture books, pictures on the mantle, pretty shinies, priscilla lane, puccini, purple, pygmalion, quasimodo, red balloons, reykjavik, rosencrantz and guildenstern, scarves, scottish yetis, shakespeare, sheep, silly things, singing along, singing in the dark, sir percival, slash, smiling suddenly, spider plants, squishy, star trek, stationery, stickers, sugar cubes, sugar magnolia, terrible crossovers, the grateful dead, the meaning of life, the mysterious island, the ocean, the postal service, the x-men, theology, tin foil, trees with lights on, turtles in the sun, twelfth night, valentines, vegetable gardens, victor hugo, virginia woolf, weird slash pairings, westmark, whitecaps, wilfred owen, woolly bears

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